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Regular Rates

Ticket Type
Weekday Half day am/pm-ticket Adult
13yrs & over
¥2,050 Child
55yrs & over
1 day ¥2,570 ¥1,540
Holiday Half day am/pm-ticket ¥2,880 ¥1,850
1 day ¥3,600 ¥2,570

※Half day ticket accountable time/am ticket: Open~12:50      pm ticket  12:00~Close


Coupon tickets
12 times coupon tickets ¥2,570
(Peach liner needs two times coupon tickets)
1 time coupon ticket ¥250
(Peach liner needs two times coupon tickets)


Season ticket
13yrs & over
55yrs & over

We have snow conveyor and slopes for children and beginners.


Ticket of snow conveyor for children and beginners
Ticket fee ¥510

※1 day ticket available for snow conveyor.


We rent skis and snowboards at each rest house.

Rates vary for each rest house. Estimated rental fee is as follows.

Regular rate 

Rental items 1Day Notes
Adult Child / Senior
Ski set ¥3,500 ¥2,500 Ski:70cm~185cm
Ski boots:16cm~30cm
Ski ¥2,500 ¥1,500
Boots ¥1,000 ¥1,000
Poles ¥500 ¥500
Snowboard set ¥4,000 ¥3,000 Board:70cm~165cm
Snowboard boots:17cm~32cm
Snowoard with Binding ¥3,000 ¥2,500
Boots ¥1,500 ¥1,000
Short Ski set ¥3,500 ¥2,500
Short Ski ¥2,500 ¥1,500
Boots ¥1,000 ¥1,000
Poles ¥500 ¥500
Wear set ¥2,500 ¥2,000
Gloves ¥500
Beanie ¥500
goggles ¥500
Sled ¥500 Sled is available only for sled slopes
”ZABUTON”Sled ¥300
Other accessories ¥500

※For more infomation,please ask to each rest house

※when you use rental,you need to show us identification card,driver’s lisence,etc…

Ski & Snowboard school

Leave ski classes for those who are new to skiing or those who want to be better.
SAJ (SKI ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN) Approved instructors will advise properly according to the desire and level of each person.

The snowboard school is also permanent.

※Children’s lessons less than elementary school age are eligible.
For elementary school students and above, please apply for general lessons.


   Half day lesson    1 day lesson        Notes
General lessons ¥3,500 ¥5,000
Private lessons ¥10,000 ¥16,000 For 1 to 2 people
¥16,000 ¥22,000 For 3 to 5 people
Group Lessons ¥20,000 ¥30,000 For 6 to 12 people
Paul Lessons ¥4,000 ¥6,000 Reservation required
Children’s lessons ¥4,000 In principle, it is a half day lesson

Application for ski and snowboard school · For inquiries, please contact below.


Arkopia ski and snowboard school (SAJ (SKI ASSOCIATION OF JAPAN) recognized.)
TEL 0577-52-2277


Discount rate plan!

★Every Wednesday is a lift discount day!

Lift 1 day ticket is 1,000 yen!

(※Excluding public holidays and Jan. 3rd.)


★Special offer! “Arkopia lift pack”¥3,800!(weekends and holidays only.)

●1 day lift ticket

●Meal 500 yen off ticket.

●One soft drink ticket.

●Rental discount ticket.(adult 1,000 yen off,child 500 yen off.)


There is a great deals Kuguno-cho accommodation plan!


It is good news to you that “I want to stay Kuguno-cho the day before and I want to enjoy Arkpia a lot of time with my stay!”

We prepared a lodging accommodation in the vicinity of Arkopia and a great plan with a one-day lift ticket!


The day before the holiday:Accommodation + 1 day lift ticket adult¥9,500・child¥8,000

Other days before the holiday:Accommodation + 1 day lift ticket adult¥8,000・child¥6,500

※In this plan, “Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays” is a holiday, the day before those days is taken as the day before the holiday.

For details on the day before the holiday, please refer to Kuguno-cho Accommodation Plan Schedule Calendar.

Kuguno-cho Accommodation Plan Schedule Calendar

※Children are eligible for primary schoolchildren and under.


To apply, please call the following accommodation facilities.

Ryokan name Street address phone number
Mimasuya Ryokan Gifu prefecture Takayama shi Kuguno-cho Kuguno 1913 0577-52-2039
Motoya Ryokan Gifu prefecture Takayama shi Kuguno-cho Musugo 245-2 0577-52-2045
Nishimoto Gifu prefecture Takayama shi Kuguno-cho Musugo 514 0577-52-2680
Nishimoto Ryokan Gifu prefecture Takayama shi Kuguno-cho Musugo 688-2 0577-52-2261
Fujiya Gifu prefecture Takayama shi Kuguno-cho Musugo 1313 0577-52-2530


A parking space for about 1,200 cars is available.

Parking free!